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"Pre-slice and freeze these loaves. Then simply defrost, heat and rub butter over top for a 'fresh out of the oven' taste."

In my opinion the most amazing breakfast bread ever! Also a very nice bread without the mango.

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"Lots of sliced almonds and poppy seeds add crunch to this light and tender lemon bread. At our house, eating the scrumptious loaf just isn't the same without the accompanying citrus-and-cheese spread."

This is definitely a labor of love, but the end result is the most amazing bread! Because of the complex three build process, this recipe probably is not the best choice for the first time bread baker. Besides basic sourdough bread, there are so many possi

Though it might sound a little weird this is a really good bread here. I made if off of another bread recipe on recipezaar called yeast free sugar free bread recipe. I skipped the salt and used 1/4 cup of pumpkin per batch and it turned out just great! If

This is a dark "quick bread" that is fast and easy to prepare. Because it doesn't use yeast, you don't need to knead it or let it rise. Don't be put off by the long list of instructions. It's just that the recipe is very detailed. I am not a breadmaker and

Spongy lechuch, made of yeast dough, is served with hot soups and with dips. The preparation is simple, and is done in a frying pan rather than an oven. The result is something between a pita and a pancake, which can be dipped in tehina, simply spread with

Ani Phyo's raw bread!

This starts in the bread machine and bakes in the oven. All cake ingredients should be at room temperature, except for the milk.

"One year I gave away these savory loaves instead of sweet treats. Our friends so enjoyed the change of pace that they were disappointed when they didn't receive this bread the next year. I haven't let them down since!"

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