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Most web servers automatically collects and logs certain information that a web browser provides, TeraRecipes also collects those details as other. TeraRecipes also collects all information from the search mechanism and as other websites use "cookies" to improve experience and elaborate our website.
When you register to TeraRecipes we keep in our records the information you provide us for further communications associate with your account. When you become TeraRecipes member and publish information, all this information (except your e-mail address) is publicly. If you write something, assume that it will be retained forever. As part of the registration process we will ask you to provide valid e-mail address in case we need to contact you regarding your posting. We will not share your e-mail address with third parties, unless you agree to release this information, or it required by law. If you get any marketing or other proposals with our name on it you can assume this was not sent by us and was not done with our cooperation.
This privacy policy posted on our website, we reserve the right to change it from time to time without prior notice.