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"I love cream puffs but hate making them. This gives you all the great flavor with very little fuss."

Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse, 2004

Recipe courtesy Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Desserts, Miramax Books, 2003

"This is just a good old-fashioned Sloppy Joe recipe. Just slap some on a bun and enjoy!"

Recipe courtesy The Neely Family

Recipe courtesy Alton Brown

"This is a recipe for cookies that my grandma used to make when I was a child. They are very light cookies."

"A very dark, rich chocolate cookie for the true chocoholic. This recipe uses relatively little flour, resulting in dense, fudge-like cookies. These cookies keep well in the freezer (but you may have a hard time waiting for them to thaw before you eat the

Recipe courtesy Rachael Ray

"'This is by far the easiest, tastiest economical recipe I've found,' reports Diane Varner, Elizabeth, Colorado, a mother of two teenage sons who works part-time. 'It seems to taste even better as a leftover.' Our test kitchen figures her frugal skillet d

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